Sunday, October 17, 2010

What is College Successful?

College Successful is a blog about College, and anything College related.

I may blog one day about staying motivated in College, or I may blog about games for College students, or even a blog a review of a College.  There are so many things to blog about that hopefully College Successful will live on forever!  I'll even blog about making money in College.  I'll blog about College women!  You won't have to be in College to appreciate the blog, anyone with a busy lifestyle will be able to appreciate this blog!  I am looking forward to this new blog venture!


  1. Aside from being a veteran and disabled, I too attend college. Not to learn. I am way to smart. But for the financial aid. Along with my blog I am trying to supplement my social security income which for the third year in a row has received no cost of living increase.

    Read my latest post, Tutorial Tuesday Or How to do the damn thing!. You have to check it out if you haven't already. You'll be glad you did. Learn how to increase your earnings like the pros.

    See you real soon!

  2. This is interesting! I'll folow this new blog. Life in College.. Have you seen Community? Wish it went that way in my college ;D

  3. I like this blog, brings me back to my days at NYU and LIU :)

  4. Haha i'm glad you posted this, makeing me think back.

  5. College is a big thing, so you'll have many things to talk about for sure!